Can Mother Nature be obscene? Just take a look at these pictures to see that she can be, and how much!

Nature fascinates many people, and the reasons for it are countless. Breathtaking views of forest landscapes, meadows full of flowers, shimmering lakes and majestic mountains are just an example. But sometimes Mother Nature creates views that cause the human mind to have ambiguous associations.

Plants can take on various shapes, so it sometimes happens that they resemble objects, body parts or even letters. I think that everyone has at least once in their life bought a vegetable in a store, which had an unconventional shape, i.e. a potato with a face or a stick figure carrot. Among the many plant shapes, there can also be those with erotic associations, because they closely resemble intimate parts of the human body.


Mother Nature is either obscene or has a good sense of humor, as in the pictures below where you’ll find elements of nature, which among the vast majority of adults provoke quite clear, naughty associations and thoughts.

1. Trees in love


2. Beautiful crevice with a life-giving spring


3. Tree in all its glory

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