Can you find the panda in the picture? Already 70 thousand people around the world have been puzzled by this riddle!

On this difficult, gloomy day, it would be nice to get a moment of relaxation. If you want to test if you know your way around, try to do this task to search for a cute panda amongst the beautiful, white snowmen.

We know well that dinner won’t cook itself, but this hidden panda also won’t wave its paw too. Try to find it as fast as possible. Measure how much time it takes you, write in the comments how long it took you to find it.

Were you able to find it already?


If we don’t show the zoomed in image, then maybe you’ll be able to see it now.


Still don’t see it? The answer can be found on the next page. There will also be another similar puzzle there.


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  2. Margarita