Cat fear is probably the most wide-eyed. See the felines whose timid reactions already bemused 5 million people!

Fear is a natural feeling experienced by both people and animals. Although it is an age-old emotion, it is often difficult to control it. The first and most spontaneous reaction to a threat is fear.

It manifests itself in many ways: some people flee, others stand paralyzed, others fall into hysterical laughter, while still others face their own weaknesses with joy and courage How do cats react to someone threatening or trying to scare them? They are both expressive and hilarious.


Cats are agile and dynamic animals, so their reactions to something that scares them are split-second reactions. Of course, very often they fearful behavior is inadequate to the dangers in store for them, but then again, who can understand cats? Probably no one, so for many people, they are fascinating animals with a mysterious character.

They are actually afraid of many things that may seem ridiculous for man, for example cucumbers.

Below is an overview of the cat’s funniest reactions to threats both on the large and the small, and non-existent, as fear is hardly rational also for a cat. Be careful because the cats sometimes break out to jump or run so fast it’s hard to discern what happens with their body. Their flexibility sure is amazing.

Cats are, on the one hand, super curious, and on the other: super fearful.