He wanted his cat to look more special, so he decided to treat him … to a tattoo! He adds that God wanted it

Exaggerated extravagance can simply be called stupidity.

When the world became a global village, people began to feel the great need to stand out from the crowd. This need is manifested, among other things, in the desire to have something unique, which will arouse ambition and emphasize the fact that someone has a unique life.


People who feel the need to be noticed, come up with various crazy ideas, not necessarily paying attention to the good of those who surround them, whether that is people or animals …

Anatoly Loginov lives in Chernihiv, a city located in the northern part of Ukraine on the Desna. He is a trainer and lives with his beloved and his sphinx cat. The pair is totally in love with their pet and try to make the cat swim in luxury, e.g. feed him expensive delicacies such as oysters.


Recently Anatoly came to the conclusion that the uniqueness of his cat named Yasha is underachieved and decided to slightly “highlight” it. The man decided he would take the patient to the tattoo parlor and he would get a tattoo on his chest. As he said, he did ….

Anatoly obviously published on his Instagram pictures of the tattooed cat, which provoked the indignation of thousands of Internet users. People criticized him for causing the animal to suffer, but the Ukrainian decided to defend his position, using quite peculiar arguments.

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