Cats that have used dogs as pillows. They know how to lie down comfortably

The saying that “to live like a cat and a dog” didn’t come from nowhere. These two species are considered to be the ultimate enemies ever and though they often live together under the same roof, they aren’t always good at “getting along.” The mutual dislike is probably caused by the fact that they’re radically different from each other.

Their behavior is read by the other species differently. This leads to a lot of confusion, for instance, if a dog growls, it means that it feels threated and when a cat begins to purr, it’s a sign that it’s relaxed and in a good mood. This isn’t always the case. You can often see friendship between them or taking advantage of the more naive species by the cleverer one.

1. The head – the main source of heat.


2. The most important thing in life is to properly set yourself.


3. You can lie on such a comfortable cushion all day!


4. An afternoon nap.


5. Two on one is probably not a fair deal!