Check your observation skills and try to find particular elements in the photographs. It is not as simple as you may think

The human brain is like a muscle. If we want it to work efficiently, we have to train it. One of the ways of keeping your mind in a good shape is to solve puzzles regarding observation skills and various other logical puzzles.

Looking at something isn’t always equivalent to seeing the object. Sometimes our brain reads the images too quickly and superficially, not noticing the slight differences in their structure. The human eye also has trouble with noticing details, especially when we want to point them out. Below, you will find riddles that will put your mind and eyes at no ease!

Hardly anyone can solve them within the first 5 seconds, but maybe some of you will succeed. Good luck!


You will find the answers to all the riddles on page 3. 

Riddle No. 1

Among these nice cows, there is one dog. Find it as soon as possible.


Riddle No. 2

The picture shows four young wild kittens, and your task is to find the mother watching over them.

The next three puzzles you can be found on the next page.