Children’s riddles that adults have the most difficulties with! See if you can guess!

Just like muscles, the whole brain also needs exercise and training. Inventive and creative thinking easily comes to children who don’t have borders and thoughts like “this is impossible”. Puzzles are a great way to get to know how a child thinks, they often give surprisingly brilliant answers to simple questions. Adults are worse.

See for yourself, these puzzles are so simple that you’ll be thinking about what they might be about for a long time. On the following page you’ll find the answers. Good luck 🙂

1. It has a lot of teeth, but doesn’t bite. What is it?


2. We throw out the shells and eat the seeds. What plant is it?


3. It can speak all languages.


4. It travels all around the world, but stays in one spot.


5. When it’s young it’s tall and when it’s old it’s short.