A 59-year-old chimpanzee dying with tears in her eyes bid farewell to her protector. This recording will touch even the toughest heart.

Animals have a lot of love within themselves, which they show not only to their brothers and sisters, but also to people.

We are only now discovering and noticing how rich the world of animal feelings is. What are their relationships with herd members, other animals or offspring? Research carried out all over the world shows that animals are not only fully-fledged inhabitants of the earth, but also that they deserve to be cared for, helped and calmly looked after by people when they live freely.

There is no need to convince anyone that monkeys are very similar to people. Of course, there are also differences, but years of observation have shown that they love the members of the herd as much as people love their loved ones. They suffer from loss, and they set a hierarchy that allows them to live in peace and security. Fortunately, the years are behind us when monkeys were being experimented on and terrible things done to them, all in the name of science.

Animals living in ZOOs around the world also have better and better conditions. To people, we know that closing the animal in a small cage is barbaric. Animals have their catwalks and their caretakers, to whom they are attached and who they can get to know even after years. This is perfectly illustrated in the film, which shows the farewell of Mom, a 59-year-old chimpanzee with Jan van Hoof, who had been caring for her and knew her since 1972.

Mom lived her days, stopped eating and prepared to leave. When the professor learned about it, he came to say goodbye to her and pay her the last homage. At first, the weak chimpanzee didn’t react, but when she met the professor, tears came into her eyes. She smiled and stroke the old friend as if she wanted to show him that everything was good. Mom died a week later while dreaming.