Chinese from the rubble of the building pulled the child. It survived by her father, who covered them with his body

In China, a multi-storey residential building collapsed in early October. There were a lot of people inside and, among others, the Ningxil family: the 26-year-old father, a factory worker, his wife and 3-year-old daughter Wu. All of them were buried alive under the rubble.

The last thing the loving father did was very touching. He rushed for your child to protect it from the falling pieces of concrete.


The rescuers uncovered them 12 hours later. Unfortunately, the brave dad was dead. Thanks to the dedication of the man, his daughter was only slightly injured.

The child was able to survive only thanks to the fact that its father covered it with his body. Shielding her, he upheld the rubble and created a space where air could gather – commented the lifeguard.


All three were found in the living room. Unfortunately, the girl’s mother was dead. As a result of the tragedy, a total 22 people were killed. They managed to save only six, including the small Wu.

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