Clever tricks used by advertisers so that products look more attractive! SHOCKING!

In order to increase brand awareness or to advertise a product many marketing tools are used. The most popular of these is of course advertising. This broad medium has a plurality of media, but we most often encounter it on television.

Sometimes it seems like the advertised messages have no end. there’s a break in your favorite series and it lasts for so long, that sometimes we forget how the fate of the main character turned out. On screen we see images of aromatic coffees, delicious food and cosmetics, which we absolutely must have. Everything looks perfect! Ideal colors, shapes and presentation. it’s a pity that reality isn’t as colorful… see what tricks are used in advertising so that products seem to be more attractive!

1. Engine oil instead of honey or maple syrup.

It shines more and pours over pancakes better than honey or syrup.


2. Soap in coffee.

To create the effect of a foamed milk, suds are added to coffee.


3. Ice cream made of potatoes.

Ice cream commercials often use colored mashed potato. It looks almost the same as ice cream, except that potatoes don’t melt.