Which cup will be filled first? This tricky coffee puzzle surprised no one

Observation is a very useful feature of character.

The modern world provides us with many stimuli, which makes it easier for us to lose our orientation or not to notice important details. In addition, we want everything to be “off the shelf” and forget that by acting slowly and deliberately, we have a better chance of succeeding and finding the solution we seek.


In recent times, the internet has fallen in love with a variety of puzzles, because solving them is not only a great opportunity for brain training, but it also allows for interesting intellectual competition between Internet users.

Café Plaisir which is based in Saarlouis, a town in the west of the country, has recommended to its Facebook fan community a puzzle that was not as simple as it looked.


The puzzle consists of a drawing showing a system of pipes into which coffee is poured. The answer is that the porcelain vase will be filled first.

The key to solving the puzzle is not only the ability of logical thinking or mathematical knowledge but, above all, perception.

You will find the correct answer on the second page.