Coffeehouse employees told a homeless person to leave immediately. You won’t believe how he got coffee at a different place…

One day, while sitting in a cafe with a friend, a woman saw two elegant people enter the shop. They went up to the employees and ordered 5 coffees, including 3 “reserved”. A moment later they left the cafe with only two cups. The woman perfectly heard them ordering five. Puzzled, she look to her friend for an explanation.

They waited several minutes. Meanwhile, many people have come into the cafe, some took coffee and others paid just as the early clients have. A few men and woman also paid for “reserved” coffees. The intrigued woman kept asking for an explanation, yet the man was unyielding.

Coffee Break III

Smiling male waiter receives order from young woman

After a while a man in dirty and ruined clothes came into the cafe. He was a beggar living on the streets. He went up to the waitress and politely asked for a “reserved” coffee. Everything became clear, people were paying for coffee that was later given to the homeless. The woman was greatly touched, seeing the beggar holding a warm drink in a cup. Other places didn’t let the man in, this one treated him like a human and have him free coffee…

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Grandpa with fur coat


  1. fred allen
    • paul milsom
  2. Anne Bell