Do you ever wonder what those colored stripes on toothpaste mean? No? You should! It’s very important information!

The most popular way of packing semifluid cosmetic and hygiene substances is in a tube. We can buy toothpaste, hand cream, balsams, etc. in tubes. We usually tend to pay more attention to their interesting looks rather than what ingredients there are inside. Most of all, we should pay more attention to the colorful stripes that are on the sides of the tubes.

They can say a lot about what it’s made of without having to needlessly check the products ingredients. It’s simply an ISO Quality Certificate put into use by the European Union for our safety. When going to the store, we should get product’s with a green stripe.


Green print suggests that the toothpaste was produced without using chemicals, fluoride, or aspartame. It only has natural ingredients!

The color black tells us that it’s made up of only chemical ingredients. From parabens to formalin and so on. The worst of the parabens are Ethylparaben, Benzylparaben, Methylparben, Isopropylparaben, Propylparaben, and Butylparaben.

A red stripe means that the paste has chemical additives, such as baking soda, parabens, paraffin, or aluminum.

A blue stripe means that the product has ingredients that are half natural and half chemical.



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