Gerard was playing a piano on a subway station when a stranger joined him. What happened later impressed everyone

The world is full of sounds, but only artists can create art.

Music speaks to people with a universal language, so they blend perfectly. It reaches human sensitivity and moves it, no matter what cultural circle someone comes from. It is the binder of many groups and subcultures, and has great influence.

Languages ​​and alphabets change with latitudes, yet music notes do not. This makes musicians, even from two different ends of the globe, can get along without words.

At one of the Paris underground stations, a piano was set up. The instrument is available to the full spectrum of travelers, and many key amateurs and professional musicians have already played on the keyboard. Players generally entertain travelers waiting, but occasionally there is a performance that turns into a mini concert, because it makes everyone forget that they are at the station, and not in a concert hall.

Once upon a time Gerard Pla Daro took up the piano and began performing “Una mattina” Luddovico Einaudi. The man is a musician, so his playing was nice. After a moment, another musician appeared beside him …

It was the pianist Nassim Zaouche from Algeria. The man, encouraged by the Spaniard’s game, decided to join him. Although the gentlemen had never met before and did not talk to each other, they got along well with the keyboard! It just took their music, which confirms the thesis that nothing in the world is as universal as the medium of music.