Does thinking hurt? Looking at the “works” of these builders, one can get the impression that the use of the brain is painful and even very ….

Logical thinking is the basis for effective action.

Construction seems to be easy, because it is not difficult to stack bricks … But this is deceptive thinking because the construction (finishing) industry requires the people working in it to constantly think and anticipate the consequences of their actions.

Professional construction expertise is not all equal. Some build-and-repair crews work efficiently and accurately, while others are made up of only domestic masters who do not go above and beyond in their work.

Although this second team of workers is cheaper, it is not worth it to use their services because it is only apparent savings. It is better to immediately pay more for professionals than after a few times to have to fix the mistakes of amateurs.

Errors made by inept builders and fitters make the hair on your neck stand up. Some malfunctions are evidence of total stupidity, which frightens and shows that by employing a construction or repair team, it is always necessary to check over their work.

On this and other sites, you will find a series of 18 photos showing complete construction failures.  

An effusive electrician

Stairs to …?