Costa Concordia was stuck in the sea for two years. See what the interior of the ship looks like now

It will never be possible to completely eliminate land, sea and air transportation catastrophes. Accidents will continue occurring and we have to do everything to prevent them from happening because of human irresponsibility, as was the case with the ship Costa Concordia.

In January 2012, the ship Costa Concordia hit a sea rock in the Tyrrhenian Sea off the west coast of Italy, near the Isola del Giglio island. The hole on the port (left) side of the hull had a length of about 164 feet and partially flooded the vessel, thus causing it to tilt, which trapped it in shallow waters for a long time.


There were more than 3,000 passengers and a crew of over a thousand people on board the vessel. Unfortunately, Captain Francesco Schettino didn’t fulfill his duties nor did he make every effort to ensure that the passengers and crew safely evacuated the ship. As a result of an improper evacuation of passengers from the ship, which lasted six hours instead of several minutes and the enormous chaos and panic which ensued along with it, more than 30 people were killed. The captain, who navigated the ship too close to the shore and rocks, was blamed for the disaster.

The ship leaned about 80 degrees to the side.

In 2014, the American company Titan Salvage made a commitment to raise the ship. Costa Concordia was towed 200 miles to its home port of Genoa, where it’s currently being torn down and its components recycled. During this last voyage, a series of pictures were taken on board the vessel to show the enormity of the tragedy and how time had destroyed its interior while it was lying in shallow waters for two years.

Raising the ship was a huge logistical undertaking costing several hundred million euros.

The interior of the ship resembles a scene from a horror movie.

More photos of the interior of Costa Concordia can be found on the following four pages of this article.


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