Not only beautiful, but also still safe – in these 10 countries it is worth to take refuge when the Third World War breaks out

The friction between the United States and North Korea continues and the next prophets believe it will turn to war and the end of the world.

The latter most of us treat with a grain of salt, but the former is a real and deadly threat to us. The two powers (which are interchanging with each other), have such arsenals that it is enough for their leaders to snap their fingers, and entire countries could cease to exist, swept from the surface of the earth.

If World War III broke out, it would be a total war, with the use of nuclear weapons and state-of-the-art technology. This would not be the United States. Finally, Europe and its countries are entangled in a network of so many connections that sooner or later political sympathies and attempts (for example, Putin) would become known. As some people predicted at the center of the conflict (for example due to geographical location), Poland could again be found in the middle.

But there are several countries that would come out of this great atomic battle. Where and why should you move in the event of World War III? Here is a list of states that will survive a nuclear attack (ranking based on the Global Peace Index of 2017 r.).

1. Ireland:

The perfect place to hide in case of World War III is the Irish island of Esmerald Isle. During World War II, this region has maintained its neutrality, which it has been practicing since 1930. The attack on such a small and not so important island is unlikely, however, on the islet (in West Cork) there is a large bunker in case of an armed attack.