Cruel Residents Let The Wolf Into A Pen! They Wanted Him To Devour The Donkey! The Reaction Of The Animal Was Amazing!

One of the most wonderful things that can happen in life is friendship! This feeling becomes even more beautiful when it concerns the animals… and even of two different species!

In the Albanian village of Patok, in 2007, there took place a cruel event. Several residents caught the wolf and let him in the yard with a donkey.


They hoped that a wild animal immediately attack a poor donkey! Nothing like this has happened! Animals became friends with each other! The did not fight. They stood huddled in the closure.


Their case was sent to the media. Albanian government quickly became interested in the case and ordered to release the animals!

The wolf returned to the bosom of nature, and the donkey was provided with the proper space to live peacefully.

Apparently the wolf returns from time to time to visit his friend!

As you can see, misfortunes bring closer not just people but also animals.

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  1. Andrea