He has been coming to the hospital for 12 years and hugs newborns when their parents cannot be there! For doctors and children, it is a real treasure

Nothing changes the world for the better as much as doing selfless good deeds.

People should help each other because, thanks to mutual support, they have the opportunity to deal with problems more quickly. Sometimes, the person giving the help does not have to do much in order to change something for the better, because their presence alone nourishes the needy and gives them the belief that everything will be work out successfully.


David Deutchman from Atlanta has worked in international marketing for many years, and when it came time, he went off to a well-deserved retirement. The man was leading a quiet senior life, and then an unexpected change came with a leg injury.

Troubles with his lower limb caused David to get help from the doctors in the hospital, who after treatment recommended to him rehabilitation. When he returned from a medical treatment one day, he stopped in front of the pediatric department.


As David recalls, he decided to go in because he thought about volunteering, though he did not see what he could do in the hospital. Then a senior mother sat down in the corridor and began to talk about her son’s tragedy, as if they had known each other for years. Then he realized what he could do: he would support the children and their upset parents.

David did not know how the hospital staff would react to his proposals, but doctors and nurses were delighted when the senior offered his support. Since then, he regularly spends days in the intensive care unit for children and newborns.

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