He has been coming to the hospital for 12 years and hugs newborns when their parents cannot be there! For doctors and children, it is a real treasure

David got the nickname “grandfather of the ICU”, because he treats every child with great care and tenderness, as if they were his grandchildren. When their parents have to leave the hospital, he sings them lullabies and lulls them to sleep.

Doctors confirm that such closeness on the part of another man positively affects the sick children and supports their treatment.


The senior loves his job, and the greatest joy is for him to see the happy and healthy children leaving the ward. The parents are very grateful to him because they do not feel alone, even though there are some parents who do not want David to support their children, which is certainly a great loss for their children.

Can you imagine a better way to spend your spare time retired than helping a newborn baby? Definitely not, so we keep our fingers crossed for David and we hope he will enjoy good health for a long time, allowing him to visit the hospital and his young patients.