Did this mother step over the line? The way she taught her daughter how to have a clean room caused quite a storm on the web

Alice Velasquez of Bargersville (United States) had enough of constantly asking her daughter to clean up her room. One day she couldn’t take it anymore and used a rather unconventional method to teach the girl how to keep a clean room.

She took some plastic garbage bags and packed all of Tahlia’s belongings into them. Then she put them up for sale for $25 apiece. She didn’t specify exactly what you could find in each bag. She called them surprise-bags, because they contained literally everything – from dirty clothes and electronics to soccer cleats.


The clever mother later wrote that her daughter has regained all her belongings, and that it didn’t take her very long to do so. Both she and her siblings had volunteered for extra chores to earn money and buy the bags back. Alice’s solution didn’t only turn out to be an excellent lesson for the eldest daughter, but also for her other children who have also started to keep their rooms tidy.


Although many parents applauded her for what she did, there was also plenty of criticism. The American was accused of acting under the influence of emotions and taking on an inappropriate approach to the problem. Some even threatened to report her to CPS who would check if she’s treating her children humanely.

Do you think that what she did was right or did her emotions carry her away?