Did you ever see these strange fruit in the shops and have no idea how to eat them? Here’s a quick cheat sheet!

In our shops there are more and more exotic fruits. But instead of them, we reach for a proven apple or banana, and that’s a huge mistake! You should explore new flavors and enrich your diet. We are afraid of them, since we often don’t know how to prepare them. Can you eat them raw, or should they somehow be prepared in advance?

In order to avoid these dilemmas or troubles when you visit friends and don’t know how to eat the served fruit, read the article below. And on your next shopping trip, you’ll happily reach for dragon fruit or kiwano!


It has a rubber-hairy fuzz. The fruit should be in a uniform color; green spots indicate that the fruit is immature. Just gently cut and tear the fruit. The center is like jelly with seeds. Eat only the flesh. It can be consumed raw or used for oriental dishes.


Called the star fruit, it has a yellow-green color. When buying the fruit, you should look out for the crust to be the most yellow. they’re eaten raw, with or without skin. It’s better to cut off the arms, which can be sour in taste. They can be cut into slices and eaten. You can experiment with them by adding them to fish and meat.



Also known as dragon fruit. The fruit has a distinctive pink color with green leafs. When buying the fruit, you should pay attention so that it isn’t too soft and for the crust to be without any discoloration. The center of the fruit is edible, and you can eat it with a spoon or even cut it into slices with the skin, but keep in mind that it could be put away somewhere. it’s very tasty chilled and with ice cream.