Did you know why you hear your voice differently? The real reason will surprise you!

We hear our voice differently when we say something out loud. Later, when we hear our words on a recording, we are surprised that it is our voice. After all, it sounds completely different. This is awkward, as you can imagine! There aren’t many people who like recordings of their voices. It sounds a bit strange, and you’ve probably wondered more than once why this happens.

We have the answer to the question of why voices in your head sound differently 😉

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When we hear our voice on a recording, the sound waves disperse through the air and our voice reaches us in the same way as it does others.  s2

When we hear our voice without a recording but while saying some words out loud, it is received in a dual manner, externally and internally. In the first scenario, you hear the sound spread through the air. But in the second instance, you hear the effect of vibrations produced by the vocal cords, which are spread onto our head. The bones in our head tend to increase the frequency of vibration, which is why our voice sounds lower to us than it is in reality.

Do you want to see how your voice really sounds? It’s simple! While talking, cover up your left ear and you’ll hear your own voice as others hear it. What’s your impression?