Did your phone display burst? Don’t panic, just get a creative wallpaper. Here are the most interesting proposals!

Current mobile devices are quite susceptible to damage. When your smartphone suddenly slips right through your hands, you watch in slow motion how it approaches the asphalt or the floor, hoping that nothing will happen to it. Unfortunately, it is not always lucky and it often happens that the display breaks down.

Numerous scratches appear that do not look good. The best solution is to replace the display but at times this is so costly that it is better to just buy a new phone.


Internet users have found some creative ways to temporarily pimp up the broken screen. It turns out that it’s enough to set an appropriate wallpaper to mask the damage. The spider net of scratches will certainly be less visible then! See the surfers’ most interesting proposals!

1. Hadoken and his fireball


2. Iron Man’s powerful blow

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