15 differences between mother and father. No. 8 is the most shocking!

It is widely known that there are big differences between the approach mum and dad have to raising kids. Mostly mothers are the ones in control, checking what’s going on, they know where their child has training, in which the grade they are now and what size trainers they wear. Mums knows all the names of their son’s mates and daughter’s BFFs. But what can I say, dad is the one to make bargains with – a late night out or a sleepover at a friend’s.

These photos prove that the differences are huge and funny!

1. Kissing, gentle cuddling… it’s certainly with my mother;)


2. Healthy eating.


3. I’m exploring nature with Mum and Dad 😉


4. Learning to ride a bike: “Dad, you’re doing it wrong”.


5. Safe stroller according to mum and dad.