Differences between wise guys and really intelligent people

It happens that some individuals, in spite of their vast knowledge, can’t win people over. They take on an authoritarian position and tell others how they should live. We can also find those who are wise and clever, inspiring us and encouraging our development through those traits. How is that possible?

After all, they have the same amount of knowledge. As it turns out, the knowledge one possesses isn’t the only important factor, but communicating that knowledge is just as important. Therefore it’s worth taking a look if you’re a wise guy, or a truly intelligent person, because there’s actually a huge difference.

1. Wise guys tell others how to live their lives. Intelligent people show what values are important for them in life, but don’t force anything onto anyone.

2. Wise guys believe that happiness is always being right. Intelligent people know that being happy is the most important truth.

3. Wise guys will try to change others. Intelligent people know that everything changes at its own pace, even them.

4. Wise guys have to proclaim their wisdom and talk at all times. Intelligent people prefer to stay silent and speak rarely, but precisely.

5. Wise guys have read everything and theoretically know everything about everything … from books. Intelligent people also base what they say on their own experiences and observations.