We tell the dirty truth about the signs of the zodiac, because the date of birth determines not only the virtues of a man, but also his faults

People from the dawn of history searched the truth among the stars.

What awaits us in the near and far future? Why are we distinguished by such but not other characteristics? Who will we best match with to create a harmonious relationship? With answers to these and many other questions, there is divination and the art of determining horoscopes.

The zodiac is called the ecliptic belt in the blue plane, after which the Sun seems to wander during the year. It was divided from 12 parts, each of which was assigned to a character.

Many people believe that being born under a particular sign affects the disposition, character and conduct of man. Although there is no scientific evidence, there must be something in it, because people have since ancient times matched the characteristics of the person with the celestial system that took place on the day of their coming into the world.

Usually in the context of a human zodiac sign, the positive qualities of their personality are discussed, but the arrangement of stars also determines the specifics of this darker side of human nature…

People from the specific signs of the zodiac also have common defects. Are you curious as to what negative charge your sign carries? Check it out on the next page. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the personality traits of other characters to know who to avoid if they irritate us and other features.

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