Disney princesses as hot-dogs!

Disney’s cartoons are very popular and known all over the world. We’ve seen Disney’s princesses, they have unrealistic hair, an ideal waistline, etc. A food focused website named Lucky Peach decided to go with the trend and change four beautiful Disney princesses into pretty hot-dogs.

Anna Hezel and Gabreilla Paiella created this masterful project, and they’ve even included the instruction on how to make them at home yourself. Thanks to this, we now know how to change hot-dogs into Ariel, Rapunzel, Pocahontas, and Belle.

Disney princesses are inspirational beautiful, because they are product worth a million dollars in a capitalistic behemoth that stresses tradition beauty standards for both woman and man – they published on their website.

The mermaid Ariel from “The little mermaid”. 


The main character of “Pocahontas”.