Divers Descended Into The Depths Of The Mediterranean Sea And… They Discovered The Lost City!

It would be incredible to become an underwater explorer. Spend your life searching for lost ships hidden deep beneath the ocean surface. You might find a lost treasure, jewels scattered on the bottom. Maybe one day you would be able to find Atlantis! (Let’s hope without a shoal of sharks!)

The underwater archaeologist Frank Goddio did not find Atlantis, but something very related. In the Mediterranean Sea, in Abu Qir Bay near the coast of Egypt, there is the Egyptian city Heraklion (Thonis-Heracleion) which once had been flooded. Heraklion was a port city from VIII century BC.


Due to many natural disasters, the city was lost in VIII century.


Frank Goddio with his team discovered a city with plenty of artefacts and treasures from the ancient world.