Another warning! Do not post images of children on social networking sites! The consequences can be tragic…

Hot days tend to dictate relaxing in the vicinity of water. Family outings to the lake or for swimming are especially popular during summer vacation. It is also a great opportunity to take some cool pictures, which you can then show off in front of friends. In the photos, you can often see children in skimpy bathing suits playing with their parents on the beach.

Adults eagerly post these photos on social networking sites and rarely wonder what the consequences may be. Although they’re doing it unconsciously, they’re exposing their children to real threats. Read why you shouldn’t post these photographs online.


1. They can fall into the wrong hands

Photos of children often find themselves in a pedophiles “collection.” Such people happily download photographs of toddlers in beach attire and use them for known purposes. Later, they share them with their “friends”.


2. Pedophile bait

There is a danger that someone could track your child. The more you write about your child and the more locations you post of where you’ve been, the greater the likelihood that your child will be the victim of sexual assault.


3. No control over the image

Your child’s face may be used by perverts to create fictitious accounts to gain the trust of other children.

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