Police warn: do not sleep with a cell phone under your pillow!

The NYPD has published on its Twitter a photo, which has caused great consternation among cell phone users. For who among us hasn’t at least once in their life slept with their cell phone under the pillow? It turns out, however, that this can be very dangerous!

Four photographs, showing burnt pillows and completely destroyed cell phones have become the cause of a not so minor storm on the internet. Placing a cell phone under the pillow, especially one connected to a charger, can easily cause the battery to overheat, which under such circumstances may start to burn or explode, posing a direct threat to the health and even the life of a person that is sleeping.


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David Berardesca, the fire chief of Hamden, is calling out to people to don’t put their cell phones on the bed, or even better on the nightstand next to the bed, if you want to have it within arm’s length throughout the whole night. These devices require proper ventilation. Otherwise the battery can melt, explode, and as a result even lead to a fire.

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He told the story of a 15-year-old, whose bed caught fire because of a cell phone placed under the pillow. But that is not the end of the story – the flames spread so much, that at 4 A.M. it was necessary to evacuate the entire house. Similar occurrences have been recorded at least a few times.


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