Do you buy clothes and immediately put them on? After what you learn here, you’ll change your habits!

Buying something new is always a pleasure for us, especially when it comes to new gadgets or clothes. Especially women have it so, that when they buy a new shirt, pants or other clothing, they can’t wait for it to show up. Mostly, right after shopping, the put on the clothes and measure them quietly at home.

Unfortunately this is a big mistake! Sorry, but the cleanliness of clothes is deceptive and we can harm ourselves by putting on an article of clothing, which was brought from the store. To give a good illustration of this, let’s examine the path clothing takes from the manufacturer to our wardrobes.


1. Clothes are dyed chemically

The road starts before a piece of material becomes a T-shirt, it’s chemically dyed in a variety of substances. These substances can irritate the skin, especially in sensitive areas that they come into contact with. Most countries regulate by law, which dyes can be used, but in the end no one checks.


2. The clothes must reach the store from India or China

Of course, the clothes are inserted into a film, but no one knows where they previously were. Dehumidifiers put into bags often don’t do their jobs and clothes can have mold grow on them. Besides, The clothes transported in containers are often visited, among others, by rats.