Do you drink water that has been sitting all night next to your bed? Find out why you shouldn’t

A behavior typical for a vast part of the population is getting up in the morning and drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach. This is done every day after waking up, but it’s not the same as leaving a glass of water overnight and drinking it when you wake up, because, as you have probably noticed, it usually has a slightly different taste, usually one that’s not that good.

This phenomenon can be explained, but have you ever wondered how?


As we all know, the water doesn’t contain ingredients such as protein or sugar, but studies have finally provided an answer to why water that has been out all night, tends to have a different taste in the morning.

This is a result of the large amount of bacteria, dust, and toxins present in air, all of which settle inside the glass of water.


It should be noted that when water is exposed to air, it begins to absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide, which in turn starts a chain of many specific changes that lead to changes in the chemical composition of natural water. This is why a glass of water that has been left out overnight, doesn’t give the body the same benefits as a fresh glass. On the contrary, it may have a bad effect on the body, because it’s full of bacteria and toxins in the morning. It is therefore recommended to pour out the old water and only drink fresh water, which isn’t contaminated in any way.