Do you ever wonder what beauty pageant queens look like when off stage? Here are 15 private photos of pageant queens from around the world

Beauty is a woman’s greatest asset and weapon. No wonder that ladies have long been competing for the title of most beautiful among their rivals, and some make this goal a priority in life.

Exterior beauty is a very highly appreciated value in today’s world, which is why more and more people are striving for a perfect look. The quickest way to improve one’s beauty is by using makeup, which is why we would never pass up the opportunity to look at pictures of celebrities from the entertainment industry, who took the stage without makeup and showed their true faces. Stage makeup, which hides imperfections perfectly, isn’t used solely by celebrities, but also by those who take part in beauty pageants.


Girls at beauty pageants have their hair and makeup done beautifully, have matching outfits chosen and appear to be just perfect. But when the lights go out, they wash their makeup off and become ordinary girls. Some look dull and bland, others more subtle and girly, and some much more enchanting in their natural form than completely covered in makeup.

Here are 15 of the most beautiful women in the world, without over exaggerated makeup, grand hairstyles and false eyelashes. How do you like these beauty queens in their natural form?

1. Diana Harkusha, Miss Ukraine 2015

miss 1

2. Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach (Philippines), Miss Universe 2015

miss 2