Do you get into a hot car and immediately turn on the air conditioning? It’s dangerous for your health, so never do it again!

The heat coming down from the sky can be irritating, that’s why people are looking for ways to cool down, and one of them is spending time in areas which are air-conditioned. Although air conditioning in hot weather is wonderful, its use can be dangerous.

Cars with air conditioning have long ceased being a luxury, so more and more Poles have cars equipped with this practical cooling system. Most drivers, when getting into a red-hot vehicle, almost immediately turn on the air conditioning, hoping that soon they’ll be surrounded by a pleasant cool breeze. Unfortunately, this is a mistake. Why is turning on the air conditioning in your car too fast harmful for your health? The answer can be found below.


Inside the car, among many others, is an airborne substance called benzene. It’s an organic chemical compound, used in e.g. the production of plastic components, which cars are filled with on the inside. In a vehicle parked in the shade, about 0.02 – 0.03 oz. of benzene fumes are released into the air inside, but in a car left in the sun (at a minimum outside temperature of 61°F) the numbers jump up to 0.07 – 0.14 oz. This is over 40 times more than the legal limit.

Air in the air-conditioning system is full of a toxic substance called benzene.

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