Do you have a pile of plastic bags at home? Learn how to master this mess!

When going to the store, we don’t always remember to take our favorite shopping bags. So we buy (or get) plastic bags, which put our groceries in. We often store them for later at home (they can successfully be used as garbage bags too).

With time, they gather in large number and they clog almost all the drawers. When you want to take one, they begin to tangle and soon they all fall out at once. Fortunately, there’s a clever way to take control of this mess. Plastic bags be stuffed into a tissue box and easily removed one by one. See how to do it!


You’ll need an empty tissue box, of course, and plenty of plastic bags. Put the bags in with the handles up, while braiding it with the bottom of another bag. As a result, when you remove the first piece, the second won’t tangle and “pops up” from the packaging.

It’s a very simple method, which will allow you to take control over the unnecessary clutter in drawers. If you think this is useful, share it with your friends.