Do you have a problem with quickly multiplying? This easy method can be useful not only for a quiz!

Even the most dedicated opponents of mathematics must admit that it’s useful in everyday life. It’s not, of course, about integrals and derivatives, but about basic mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.

The ability to quickly count can be useful in a store, at a bank or at work. A person who’s able to quickly count is tougher to cheat at the checkout or when getting a loan. Instantly figure out how high interest rates will be when tempted by a “auspicious” short term loan.

Math teaches first and foremost how to think logically, it shapes the imagination and allows you to apply theory in practice. Although it’s a very essential subject, it is one of the most unpopular subjects in school. Children often have problems with counting and solving “difficult problems”. Apparently, students from America do the worst, and the best come from Japan.

See how the Japanese cope with multiplying three-digit numbers. We must admit that this is a very creative method. Did you know it earlier?



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