Do you have an inferiority complex, because you don’t look like a model? You’ll be cured after you see this video!

Even though celebrities say that their sessions are natural and not retouched, all you have to do is take a look at their pictures caught by a photograph of them without makeup on. The point here is not for every woman to walk around with perfect makeup on, rather to stop making us believe that celebrities look perfect in every situation.

Regrettably, the reality is that a computer graphic does much of the work after a photo shoot. Thanks to continually expanding image editing programs, you can make almost anything out of a bad picture.


Photo editing work doesn’t last 90 seconds, rather much longer, often more than a few hours. The results of photoshopping are amazing. It’s important to remember that everything is artificial, and you shouldn’t worry or torment yourself, seeing a model’s perfect skin. It’s valuable to have some reserve and not believe everything you see in color magazines. Every woman is beautiful, if you believe in it. On one hand, a photo editor is a specialized in his field and can enchant pictures, yet should they promote fakeness and a plastic ideal?


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