Do you have problems with insomnia? With the help of this trick, you’ll fall asleep in less than a minute!

Not only do people suffering from insomnia have difficulty falling asleep. Everyone, from time to time, has a problem with freely giving themselves up into to the arms of Morpheus. We look at the ceiling or turn from side to side, just to sink into more helplessness. Is there anything we can do with this?

Fortunately, there are many methods that support sleep: anything from a glass of warm milk, through relaxing music, all the way to medication. An effective method is also working on breathing techniques, which a groom, who for several days couldn’t sleep because of being nervous about the upcoming wedding, found out.


The man was tired from being deprived of sleep and asked his friend, who worked with wellness and meditational therapy, for advice on the problem. The woman recommended a very simple breathing exercise that tunes the body to become ready for sleep and makes you fall asleep in less than a minute. Of course, the future groom couldn’t believe in its effectiveness, but changed his mind the next morning, when after its use he woke up well rested.

The effectiveness of the method turned out to be unparalleled.

The fall-asleep-in-a-minute method is called the “4-7-8” and its author is Dr. Andrew Weil. For the first four seconds, you should breathe through the nose, followed by seven seconds of holding your breath and after that slowly releasing the air through the mouth, which should take about eight seconds. The method has gained great popularity among integrative and yogis physicians.

Sleep is very important because it’s a time of regeneration for the body.

This type of work with breathing will slow the heart rate and help calm the working brain. Some people aren’t able to count to 8, because they’ve already fallen asleep, while others repeat the exercise 3 or 4 times to quietly sink into a state of sleep. During the exercise, of course, keep your eyes closed and be prepared to sleep. On the other hand, if you’ll do this trick in the middle of the day, e.g. at your desk at work, it will help calm your nerves and replenish the body with fresh oxygen.

How our body works depends on the way we breathe.