Do you have such a lump on your ear? You will not believe what it means!

Today, some parts of the body are completely useless, but were once very useful to our ancestors. Vestigial organs are nothing but the remains of the bodies perfectly developed from ancestors that have ceased to exist, because they’re no longer needed.

Evolution cannot be forgotten, and some unnecessary parts are still in our bodies. See what we have inherited from ancestors!


1. The third eyelid

This is a slight conjunctival fold, located in the inner part of the eye. Once it protected the eyes of fish, mammals and birds from injury and it accordingly lubricated the eye. Today, in humans, it occurs in the form of a small pink bump in the corner, called a semilunar fold.

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2. Goosebumps

Slight muscle contractions allow birds and mammals rumple their feathers when confronted with any threat. Through evolution we lost a large part of the fur, but a souvenir in the form of goosebumps remained.


3. Wisdom teeth

Once served to chew plant food. Currently, the human jaw is too small to accommodate them. 35% of people don’t have wisdom teeth.