Do you know how to refresh brown bananas? No? Look at this! A brilliant and simple idea!

We all know that bananas ripen very fast. Sometimes the second day after purchase they already become brown. It doesn’t encourage one to eat them… They look as if they were rotten inside. But nothing could be more wrong, there are still eatable and very sweet. It’s a shame to throw them in the trash.

Not many people know that in less than an hour you can “refresh” a brown banana and make it look delicious again. How? Very simple!

If your banana looks like in the photo below it doesn’t have to land in bin. You can easily restore its original appearance. Voila! It will look better than the day you bought it!


1. Pour a small amount of rice (about half a cup) into a plastic bag .


2. Insert the brown banana. Remove as much air as you can from the inside and close the bag tightly.