Do you know what that tiny hole next to the camera on your phone is for?

When buying a smartphone you know that you have in your hand a piece of technology, in which everything has been carefully thought through and there is no possibility that something is there by accident. There are two types of people, those who simply have a phone, and those who want to know exactly what does what in their phone and how you can use those options to their fullest potential.

We’re curious about those specifications, especially after buying a new phone. What does our new phone have that we hadn’t noticed before? Not many people notice that next to the camera on most phones is a small hole, which plays a very important role. It’s not on all smartphones, which is a shame, because it is certainly very useful


Most users assume that it’s a reset button, which you must press using i.e. a pin. But they’re wrong! Because this is… a microphone! And on top of that, it has a very important function.


Thanks to the fact that it’s located on the front of the phone and we try to not cover it with our fingers, it’s very good in collecting sound when recording. The mobile processor ensures that the collected sounds are clear and loud. This allows voice commands to be better understood.


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