Do you like fish and seafood? Avoid eating those which are imported from China. They’re a deadly danger!

Eating fish and seafood is very healthy, because their meat contains many substances beneficial to human health. Their presence in our diet is mandatory, especially for children. But is every fish healthy? It depends on where it comes from, what conditions it was raised in and how it was stored when transported.

Fish are an excellent source of the valuable vitamins A and D and unsaturated fatty acids, including omega-3, which strengthen the immune system, treat inflammation and protect against diseases of civilization and the circulatory system. Moreover, they contain B group vitamins and vitamin E, and the protein in them is better absorbed by the human body than the protein found in e.g. beef or pork meat. To enjoy the benefits offered by fish and seafood, you need to carefully examine their origin and choose those raised locally.


China is a leading manufacturer of many products which are exported across the globe, but unfortunately, their quality leaves much to be desired. Among Chinese goods, fish and seafood should be avoided above all, especially tilapia, which is becoming more and more popular abroad. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), prohibits thousands of shipments that contain fish coming from China from entering the market. What’s the reason for it? Contaminated meat and the presence of bacteria, e.g. Salmonella.

Purchasing fish and seafood from China isn’t the best of ideas.

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) stated in its report that a big problem is the storage of food during transportation. Oftentimes, the Chinese do not comply with the proper sanitary requirements and transport fish and seafood in ice which was created by freezing water which is dirty and unsafe to drink. Because of this unfit ice, thousands of tons of eels, catfish, shrimp, tilapia, tuna, monkfish, squid, cod, crabs and many other species of marine creatures haven’t entered the US.

Bad conditions of transportation can make even the best product go bad.

On the next page of this article you’ll find what else makes eating fish and seafood from China, a possibly deadly, dangerous threat.