Do you love bananas? See, what to look for before you buy them in the store!

Bananas have many advantages, they’re a source of energy, and so they’re popular among athletes. They also provide fiber and potassium, which prevents the loss of calcium in the body. Bananas are also a source of vitamin B6 and vitamin C.

Although they’re calorific, it’s worth introducing them to your diet. And instead of reaching for a candy bar or sweet bun choose a banana, which gives us healthier energy. What should you look for in order to find the best fruit? Here are our suggestions.


Buying good bananas should start by looking at the skin of the fruit.

1 and 2. It began the process of maturation, the starch began to turn into sugar, but it still will not give any pleasure while eating.
3. Such bananas are shipped to stores.
4. The banana is suitable to eat, but not yet sweet. It can stay at home for about four days.
5. The banana is crisp; it can be stored at home for about 3 days.
6. The banana is sweet and tasty – it’s pleasant when eating it.
7. It’s ideal to eat and very sweet – a pleasure.

If you like sweet bananas, choose the ones with brown spots. They show that the banana is sweet and perfect for consumption. The ratio of sweetness to starch is 20:1, while a green fruit has it opposite.