Do You Remember The Pictures Of People Wearing A Horse Mask, Which Flooded The Internet? Here Is A Worthy Successor! A Cat Mask

It is impossible to forget pictures of people in the horse mask, which flooded the Internet. But as we all know, fashion on the web quickly comes and goes away.

It is no different in this case. This huge, super-realistic cat mask was formed of felt thanks to the creative work of students from the Japanese School Of Wool Art.


It is the only school in the world that teaches how to felt wool with a needle. Who knows, if the project is accepted, it may be available in the regular sale.

I cannot decide whether a cat mask is sweet, disturbing or ridiculous. Undoubtedly, the mask is amazing and proves that if you devote a lot of time on improving, the effect is amazing.

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And you? Would you buy such a mask? Or it is overdressing? I still cannot decide 😉