Do You See This Beggar? Watching This, You Will Never Forget This Man!

He doesn’t remember his childhood and school years, but he knows that many people wait for his help. He does what he can to support many in need.

Wearing old clothes and shoes he stands in front of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia. He collects money for charities. He claims that there is always someone in worse situation than his, that is why he donates everything for lofty goals.



His name is Dobri Dimitrov. He was born in 1914 in poor, Bulgarian village. He had four children (two of them have already died). During the Second World War, during bombarding, he lost his hearing. He resigned from material goods to help others. He sold his properties and started to live in a small room near the Orthodox church.


He is claimed to be the most modest man in the world. There is no wonder. A beggar dressed in rags doesn’t expect anything in return.


He never asks for money for himself. He claims that he is able to live for 80 euro a month.


He doesn’t have to spend every day on the street, but he knows that many people count on him. So he continues his work.



  1. Maureen
  2. Peter Thompson