Do you sleep on your right side? You’re making a big mistake! See why!

Sleep is very important for our health because it makes sure our bodies and mind regenerate. It’s estimated that if you want to be in good condition, then you should sleep for 6 to 8 hours a day (this doesn’t include small children.) You can easily count out that we sleep for around 1/3 of our life. That’s quite a bit, but there’s no other way. A human needs to regenerate somehow, so he can get back on his feet after a hard day.

You’re probably wondering how to sleep properly. On your stomach? On your back or maybe on one of your sides? Doctors say that it’s best to sleep on the left side. See why!


1. Improved lymph circulation.

Laying on your left side has a beneficial effect on the lymphatic system. It helps it work and aids in transporting nutritional ingredients through the body. It also cleans the organism and makes it easier to get rid of waste, which is filtered by the lymphatic nodes.


2. Improved stomach and pancreas function.

These two organs are found on the left side of the body. If you go to sleep on your right side, you’ll hinder their normal functions because they have to work against gravity. The stomach squeezes the pancreas then and slows its work.