Do you think that someone is lying to you? Here are some quick methods to uncover a liar!

It’s a challenge to state that someone is lying, especially because liars can come to perfection in telling the most incredible stories. When you start to disbelieve someone, many thoughts race through your head. Why is the person doing it and are you certain of it?

There are, however, signs and hints that allow you to uncover a liar. Learn 10 ways to help you notice that the person you’re talking with isn’t being honest with you.


1. Body Language

If you suspect that someone is lying to you, focus on their gestures, not words. Liars tend to hide their hands (behind their backs or in their pockets) and find it difficult to sit straight and still in one place. They often shift their body weight from one leg to another or perform other movements. If they lick their lips or are searching for something in a bag, you can be certain that the person isn’t being honest.


2. Breathing

Lying changes the heart rate, therefore liars breathe heavily and are edgy.

Liar nose

3. Stiffness

Liars tense up every piece of their flesh and folded arms or crossed ankles symbolize that a liar has already begun telling their stories.