Do you think that you can’t be fooled by optical illusions? You’ll change your mind, when you find out what’s in this picture!

Optical illusions are perceived as visual images, which are different from objective reality. Some optical illusions have been explained many years ago, but still there are new ones, which further amaze your brain. And although we know that our brain is fooled, we like to solve puzzles of this kind.

These illusions without will blow your mind and make you spend a some time figuring them out. Are you ready?

1. Where is the photographer? At the bottom or at the top of the stairs? Is the cat going up or down the stairs?

2. Is it a frog or a horse? What do you see?

3. You’ll definitely be surprised, but it’s just a piece of paper folded the right way.

4. Beautiful women or horrible monsters?

Rarely do we ever see faces upside down, so the brain has difficulty in noticing any differences.

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