Do you think you are observant? See if you can solve the mystery of the vacation photo

Perception is a very useful trait. Fortunately, you can practice it, which is why it isn’t worth worrying if something often escapes our eyes, just train the eyes and brain so that nothing will never be missed by us again. There are many puzzles and exercises to test perceptiveness and they’re characterized by varying degrees of difficulty.

Some exercises are so difficult that it’s suggested that they can be solved by only a few percent of the people living on earth. It’s hard to check, but you have to admit that some tasks are confounding and require intensive mental effort. And you, how do you judge your perception? We present a riddle that will help you check it.

Our eyes are not always able to quickly see what we want to see.


Below is a simple holiday photograph, taken in a cafe in a town square. Apparently only 2% of the population is able to answer the question: “who is the thief?” in less than 30 seconds. And do you already see the person who attempted to take someone else’s property?

Find the person who’s stealing in the picture.


Do you know? If not, here’s a hint: the thief is a woman sitting in the foreground. Why? When we buy clothes in a store, shop assistants take off of them a magnetic safety.

On this lady’s shirt a magnet is still attached. The solution is right before your eyes.


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